Warum Afrikaner nicht nach Deutschland gehören Teil II

Negerdiebe massakrieren MutterschafeEine Szene aus Südafrika 2012. Schwarze haben die Schafsherde eines weißen Bauern im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes in Stücke gemetzelt. Verstörte Jungschafe neben Teilen ihrer Eltern. Das sagt viel über die Tierliebe der Afrikaner aus. In anderen Ländern ist es ähnlich, z.B. als zur Zeit der „Befreiung“ Zuchtpferde der weißen Familien, die vielleicht seit Jahrhunderten in Rhodesien lebten, verstümmelt wurden. Der Film eines italienischen Regisseurs von 1960 erzählt u.a. davon.
Wir wissen nicht ob das untere Bild eine Fälschung ist, wir nehmen es mal an, nicht das man uns als Rassisten verdächtigt ;-). Wo es aufgenommen wurde, wissen wir leider nicht: 
Negerin kocht in morderner Küche
Dazu paßt auch ein Kommentar eines Afrika-Blogs, leider wissen wir nicht mehr, woher wir ihn haben. Leider haben wir noch nicht die Zeit gehabt, ihn zu übersetzen. Der Autor erzählt, was er auf seiner Fahrt durch Botswana erlebt hatte. Zum Schluß kommt der Kommentator zu der Feststellung, das es TATSÄCHLICH Unterschiede zwischen den menschlichen Rassen gibt. Die Welt wäre für alle besser, wenn jede Rasse unter sich bliebe:
„I noticed, while on a recent trip to Botswana, how the majority of the rural local people seemed quite content living in primitive mud huts. One of the chaps, who was helping us with renovations on a houseboat, asked me to give him a lift to his home situated near the village of Shakawe. He appeared to be quite an intelligent fellow, and spoke English fluently.
I dropped him off roughly in the centre of his primitive little village, whereI noticed that the walls of his mud hut were reinforced with an assortment of tin cans. His ‘home’ had no access to running water or electricity.
When I asked him how he managed to live under those conditions, his reply was: “We people are used to it; you whites are not!” He spoke in a friendly tone, but he was not joking.
While our conversation progressed, it rapidly reached a point where it became crystal clear to me why black and white simply cannot mix, and why these people are content with their lifestyles and why we are content with ours! I was briefly knocked for a six when the man asked me, “Why do white men like you travel so far to get to our primitive places?” By then he already knew, from overhearing our conversations while working on the houseboat – I presume, that we were happy to be far away from the crazy cities, the noise, the bumper-to-bumper traffic, pollution, nagging woman 🙂 etc, etc…
It was obvious that the man did not know what I was talking about when I tried to explain to him why we white men like variety and adventure every odd now and then, as he clearly did not understand the concept of ‘enjoying a vacation’. I consequently did not bother conveying the message to him, that even if circumstances forced us to live in mud huts you can be sure that sooner or later that mud hut would be equipped with plumbing, solar heating, a wireless network, and all things that make life a little easier and more pleasant. I think I would have probably offended the man if I took that route!
The incident made me realize once again that there ARE major differences between the various races and cultures, and that all this enforcement of unity is an unnatural evil business. This world would have been a far better place if each group were allowed to live their lives separately, as peaceful neighbours.
Western politicians thought they were doing the Black African a favour when they allowed them to ‘inherit’ the Whiteman’s cities. They thought it would lead to the rapid advancement of the Black African. They thought wrong, for that is not what the Black African wanted!“