Über uns

Hier schreiben lebenslustige und optimistische Deutsche, denen das Streben nach dem Wahren, Schönen und Guten mehr zählt als das Rattenrennen nach materiellen Werten, Reportagen und Recherchen aus nationaler und sozialer Sicht. Mit Herz und Hirn kämpfen wir für ein freies deutsches Vaterland…

Why we fight

A few words to our native english, american or australian speaking visitors:

Unfortunately Germany has no effective laws to protect the freedom of speech, except the opinion this regime allowed. The german ZOG will send everyone to prison who are criticizing them, the so called „democracy“ is nothing more than a ridiculous joke. You risk your life in Germany if you dare to speak too openly about our culture, our glorious past, our heroic „Wehrmacht“ or criticize the fascist german regime today. Then they’ve send you a bunch of government paid thugs, the so called „antifa“, these extremly left wing criminals threaten your neighbors or your family, if you dare to speak open freely. Or the cops break in your home and destroy everything you got. Every year many brave souls are sending to jail only for speaking too openly. Since 1945 there is no more free press here (only if you kiss the regimes arse), the totally mind-controlled masses live anxious in fear. Only a handful brave Germans fight under a huge risk against this tyranny. We are a few of them. We will fight for a free german nation, even it cost our life. Keep fighting, no remorse, no surrender. We are still brave national socialist and we fight until we win back our freedom and our country! Every breath until death for our holy german fatherland!

Here’s an up-to-day photo from our photographer and blogger Thorsten Schuster a.k.a. Thore von O. at the 14th April 2018 in Dortmund, made by our counterparts from the left scum. But this shot is quit good. Therefore they don’t ask, if they can take a photograph from him, so we don’t ask if we can take it:

Last year first may 2017 in Dortmund, too. As you can see there, he hold a „Canon Powershot IS 130“, in the picture above Thorsten held his new camera, a „Canon Powershot G11“, a really good camera. He can highly recommand this fine piece of work. And it make a sharper view to the left scum 😉 , sometimes the dark corners of the cities he’d visited need a lighting torch.

At 10.05.2018 in Bielefeld at the demonstration „Freiheit für Ursula Haverbeck“. Be in good shape for nearly 54 years 😉 :

With comrades at the 10. May 2018 Demo in Bielefeld:



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